Step 1: Collect Documents

Tourist Visa



Proof of Travel / Stay

    • Tour Group:
      • A letter from Tour Company confirming round trip itinerary is required as well as a copy of confirmation  form an authorized Belarus Travel Company/ Tour Operator which shows the operator’s license number for the visa. The Belarus consulate usually contacts the hotel to verify that the reservation is valid.
    • Individual Travel:
      • The original hotel confirmation from an authorized Belarus Travel Company such as, BELARUSTOURIST or BELINTOURIST, baring the travel company’s license number
    • Belarus Tourist invitation sample


A1 Order Form

Business Visa



Invitation Letter

    • Original invitation from an authorized organization to invite business visitors to Belarus.
    • To arrange an invitation, your sponsor will need the following:
      • Your Full Name
      • Passport number
      • Nationality
      • Name of the cities to be visited
      • Date of entry and exit from Belarus
      • Your sponsor will have to guarantee that the applicant will abide by the rules and regulations in Belarus as a visitor.
      • Sample of letter of invitation


A1 Order Form

Please note that Multiple entries visa for long term visa requires a confirmation from the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Belarus.

Transit Visa (Stay less than 48 hours)



Proof of Travel

    • Proof of visa for next destination stamped in the passport as well as the evidence of travel to the next destination within 48 hours.


A1 Order Form

Home stay visit



Proof of Stay

    • Visa entitlement certificate (Zaprashenne) from the local visa office at the Ministry of the Interior in Belarus. Your host will have to obtain the original and send it to you.
    • Your host will be required to provide the following details:
      • Your Full Name
      • Your Address
      • Nationality
      • Date of birth and Passport Number
      • Your Dates of Arrival and Departure in Belarus. (Allow 4-6 weeks for approval and processing).


A1 Order Form

Step 2 : Fees

A-1 Service Fees:

$95 per visa for regular processing within 1 week
$125 per visa for rush processing within 1-2 business days

Consular Fees:

Regular Single/Double/Multiple Entry Visa, stay up to 90 days:

$65.00 per visa (Processed in 5-7 business days) (Tourist and Business)

Rush Single/Double/Multiple Entry Visa, stay up to 90 days:

$129.00 per visa (Processed in 2 business day) (Tourist and Business)

Regular Multiple Entry Visa, stay up to 90 days, valid 1 year:

$129.00 per visa (Processed in 5-7 business days) (Business only)

Rush Multiple Entry Visa, stay up to 90 days, valid 1 year:

$129.00 per visa (Processed in 1-2 business day) (Business only)


Return Shipping Fees

Priority Overnight$351-3 Passports
Priority Overnight$554+ Passports
Saturday Delivery$75+ depending on destination zip1-3 Passports

Please note that the above rates apply to most Continental USA. Higher rate applies to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and US Virgin Islands.

Calculate: Consular Fee + A1 Service Fee + Shipping = Total Due

Step 3: Shipping

Please forward the completed requirements detailed above to:

A-1 Passport & Visa Express,
1012 14th St NW, #630
Washington D.C. 20005

Your application will be hand-carried to the consulate; normal processing time is within 5-7 business days