FAQS Frequently Asked Questions


Getting your visa or U.S. passport usually inspires a lot of questions! Here we’ve outlined the ones we hear the most often.

Q: What do I need to get a U.S Passport?

A: For a 1st. time passport you’ll need a proof of citizenship i.e. US birth certificate or certificate of naturalization – A valid government issued ID. And proof of travel showing you are leaving the country in about 2-3 weeks or sooner

Q: What do I need to get a U.S Visa

A: Every country have their own requirements, generally for tourist visa you’ll  need 1-2 applications completed from our website, proof of travel and 1-2 passport photos and for business visa you need a company letter of intent and financial responsibility and in some cases you’ll also need a letter of invitation from the inviting party in the country you’ll be visiting.

Q: Do U.S Passport photos require an appointment?

A:  You can walk in for US passport photos during our regular hours of 9:00 to 6:00 Monday through Friday.

Q: Do U.S Visa photos require an appointment?

A:  We don’t require an appointment for US type photos only for none US photos.

Q: How do I get an International Driver’s License (Permit)

A: You’ll need to complete the application form from our website and send in a copy of your US driver’s license along with 2 passport photos (signature required on the back of each photo) and one completed order form for our company. Alternatively if you came in person, we can take your photo and make copy of your driver’s license for you. The processing time is around 3-5 days.

Q:  Can I expedite my passport?

A: Yes, if you are traveling within a few days and have proof of travel showing your trip out of the country, we may be able to process your passport as fast as 24 to 48 hours. We also have 3-5 days service and 10 days service available, however for any trip in less than 10 days you must have a proof of travel. You can also submit a company letter printed on your stationery addressed to the Washington passport agency stating that you are in need of a new US passport since you are traveling on behalf of your company. This letter must show your name, date of travel and must be signed by the employer or your supervisor.

Q: Can I get my first time/new passport through A1 if not traveling?

A: Unfortunately the rule of the government is that if you are getting your first time passport, you must be traveling abroad within 10-15 days and have proof of travel otherwise you won’t be able to use our services. Your options are to either wait until you are closer to your date of travel or apply through your main post office at the “passport acceptance” window.

Q: Can I expedite my visa processing?

A: Some countries would allow expeditious processing but some don’t. Normally the cost would be different and those are indicated on our website.

Q: How long a new US passport is valid for?

A: US passport issued to anyone over the age of 17 would be valid for 10 years, however, if you are under the age of 17 your passport is issued for only 5 years.

Q: Can I include my new born to my passport?

A: No there is no such thing as family passport anymore. Everyone would need their own passports.

Q: Can I renew my child’s passport that was expired a few months ago?

A: Only the 10 year validity passports can be renewed. If your child’s passport is a 5 year passport, you’ll need to go through the same procedure as a first time passport applicant would need to go through. You must have both, the expired passport And your child’s birth certificate and if you are traveling within the nest 2 – 3 weeks you can use our services to expedite the passport.

Q: I have no more pages left in my passport but my passport is still valid for another 5 years can I add pages to my passport?

A: Effective Jan. 2016 the government no longer adds pages to US passports. The only option available is to renew your current passport. You may also choose the large book of 52 pages without any additional costs to you.

Q: I have a valid visa for Brazil that expires in 5 years but my passport expires in less than a year, do I need a new visa?

A: Some countries including Brazil would allow you to carry your old passport containing your valid visa along with your new passport you can also apply for a new visa to be placed in your new passport if your choose to do that. Not all countries would allow you to carry your old visa with your new passport. You may call our office if in doubt.