U.S. Passport Renewal


Important Notice

At the present time all US passport agencies are closed to the public and are in the process of reopening. Effective October 1st, 2020 we have been authorized to only process passport renewal applications until the passport agency resumes their normal, in person processing. We have been assigned a dedicated location to have our passports delivered and processed, once your passport is completed it will be shipped to your mailing address placed on your application. The expedited processing time is currently 4-6 weeks. Please contact our office if you have any questions and when ready to send your documents Tel: 202-639-1500 or send us an email: Info@A1Passportvisa.com

Passport Renewal Requirements

  • One fully completed application form DS82. this link will take you to the state departments website to complete and print your application. Please note that your application must be completed online. Hand written forms are not accepted.

We can assist if you cannot complete your application online. Please email the completed handwritten application, we’ll complete and email it back to you so you can print and send the original with your other documents.

  • One US passport type photo size 2 X 2 taken within the past 60 days.
  • Original expired or expiring passport along with any passport cards that may have been issued to you. Your expired passport and the card will be returned to you. if you cannot produce your passport card, you must complete application form DS64 and send a signed copy with your paperwork.
  • One fully completed order form for A1 Passport and Visa Express.
  • The passport fee is $170 which includes $5 money order/check fee and the service fee is $199 which includes shipping fees. We accept only major credit or debit cards.
  • Prior to shipping please contact us so that we can follow up and ensure delivery. Please use FedEx if at all possible and mark it “No signature required” in case that they deliver before we get to our office, that way the delivery person will slide your package under the door, it is perfectly safe to do so.

Shipping address:

A1 Passport & Visa Express
1012 14th St NW, #630
Washington, DC. 20005
(202) 639 1500

Important Notice

The information below will only be valid and effective after the Washington passport agency resumes normal processing and it is not effective until their office reopens to the public.

In order to streamline the U.S. passport renewal process, it is best to complete Step 1 and gather all of the documents before calling our office. Feel free to contact us here with any questions. When you have everything listed under Step 1, we can smoothly guide you through the rest of the process.

Step 1: Collect Documents

Expired or Expiring U.S. Passport book and card

Your expired or expiring passport should be submitted along with your Passport Card if you have been previously issued one in the past. Whether you are in need of a new passport card or not you’ll need  send in the card so that the passport agency may cancel and return the canceled card back to you. In case that your card cannot be found, you must complete the following application DS-64 making sure all questions are answered DS64 Statement of Lost or Stolen Passport

Fill out this form online and choose “create form” to view the completed application to be printed. Ignore the fees at this time also note that if you push “preview button” you won’t be able to print your application, you must click “Next” and then “create form” at the bottom of that page. Please print 2 copies of application DS-82.

2 Inches by 2 Inches on a white background- Please click above to see the photo instruction

  • Download, complete and sign two Letter of Authorization
    • Please print and sign 2 copies. This allows our company to act on the applicant’s behalf.
    • Important: Check the first two boxes only, be sure to put in today’s date and not our date of birth, also write “A1 Passport and Visa Express” in the “Courier Company Name” field.
    • Please watch our YouTube video if you need clarification.

Download and print the order form for A1 Passport

    • Please indicate your travel date on this form so we know what service you are requesting. Page 2 contains the credit card authorization to charge you for our services. Please remember to write your credit card billing address including the zip.

Copy of Travel Itinerary/Reservations

  • (This is only needed for those who need 1-2 days or 3-5 days service) Confirmed itinerary, copy of airline ticket, or a letter from your company printed on your stationery addressed to Washington Passport Agency introducing the applicant, stating the date and country of travel, requesting issuance of a new passport prior to your travel date.

Step 2: Fees

U.S. Department of State : Government Fee

Price: $170

A1 Passport : Passport Service Fees

Service TypePriceProcessing Time
Emergency 1 day**$295 1 business day
Emergency 2 days**$249 2 business days
Urgent*$1955-7 business days
Rush$149 10 business days
Standard$9520 business days +

**By appointment only
*Must call first

A fee of $5 check writing/money order will be added to all passport or visa fees.

Note: All processing times are measured in business days and begin from the day of submission to the passport agency, not the day we receive your documents. All slots are subject to availability. For prompt processing, please call our office before sending your documents.


Return Shipping Fees

Priority Overnight$281-3 Passports
Priority Overnight$314+ Passports
Saturday Delivery$411-3 Passports

Please note that the above charges may be slightly higher for some states. Your receipt should indicate the fee differences. The above rates apply to most of the contiguous 48 United States. Higher rates apply to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and US Virgin Islands.

Calculate: Government Fee($170) + A1 Service Fee + Shipping = Amount Due

Step 3: Shipping

Place the following documents in a FedEx Envelope

Final Checklist:

  1. Expired or Expiring Passport
  2. Completed and signed Passport Application (DS-82)
  3. One Passport Photograph
  4. Two completed and signed Letters of Authorization
  5. One (two-page) Order Form for A-1 Passport
  6. Copy of Travel Itinerary/Reservations (for 24-48 hour and 3-5 days processing only)
  7. Government fee, service service fee for A1’s service, and the shipping fee

Call us at 202-639-1500 and indicate you are processing an Expedited Passport from the Internet.

We recommend that you use FedEx as a safe means of overnight shipping. We will return your passport to you the same way.

Ship To:

A1 Passport & Visa Express
1012 14th St NW, #630
Washington, DC. 20005
(202) 639 1500

Click here to find FedEx locations

Important Notice: In case of an emergency, when your passport must be processed in 24-48 hours, you must call our office for special instructions. Your FedEx package should be marked “FIRST AM DELIVERY.” You must clearly indicate “DELIVER AFTER 7AM, PLEASE SLIDE UNDER THE DOOR.” Our building opens automatically at 7am; the FedEx driver will not be able to enter the building before that time.