Damaged Passport

There are 3 steps to process a damaged passport:

1- Collect your documents as posted below

2- Call our office so we can verify your information over the phone. this step is to avoid any mistakes

3- Send your documents to our office for processing after you have witnessed your signature at the passport acceptance facility.

Step 1: Collect Documents

Provide proof of identity (one below)

    • Valid state photo ID or drivers license.
    • Federally issued photo ID.

Provide proof of U.S. citizenship (one below)

    • Certified copy of your birth certificate (Must show parents information) with the state’s seal. If you need a certified copy of your birth certificate, contact vital records in the state you were born or use Vitalchek.
    • Previous U.S. passport
    • Certificate of Citizenship or Naturalization

Complete and print the passport application (DS-11)

    • Fill out this form online and choose “create form” to view the completed application to be printed. Ignore the fees at this time. Please print 2 copies, but do not sign them yet.

One Passport Photograph

    • 2 Inches by 2 Inches on a white background

3 signed copies of the Letter of Authorization

    • Please print 3 and put an original signature on all 3 letters. This allows our company to act on the applicant’s behalf.
    • (Attention: Write “A1 Passport and Visa Express” in the “Courier Company Name” field and check the first two boxes only. Do NOT check all three boxes, checking all three boxes voids the letter. If you need help, please watch our YouTube video here

Signed Letter of Explanation

    • Addressed to the Washington Passport Agency, explaining how and why your passport was damaged. This statement is crucial and must be included with the rest of your passport documents or your case will be suspended.

Download and print the order form for A1 Passport

    • Please indicate your travel date on this form so we know what service you are requesting. Page 2 contains the credit card authorization to charge you for our service.

Copy of Travel Itinerary/Reservations

  • A confirmed itinerary, OR a copy of your airline ticket, OR a letter from your company printed on your stationery addressed to the Washington Passport Agency introducing the applicant, stating the date and country of travel, requesting issuance of a new passport prior to your travel date.

Step 2: Fees

The U.S. Department of State : Government Fees

Adults 18+$225
16 & 17 year-olds$225
Children under 16$195
USPS shipping 1-2 days$21.36
Regular mail by govFree

Postmaster / County Clerk : Witnessing Fee

Price: $35

A1 Passport : Passport Service Fees

Service TypePriceProcessing Time
Emergency 1 day**Please call for availability24 hours service
Rush Processing$3995-7 business day
Expedited Processing$2494-6 Weeks processing

**By appointment only
*Must call first

Note: All processing times are measured in business days and begin from the day of submission to the passport agency, not the day we receive your documents. All slots are subject to availability. For prompt processing, please call our office before sending your documents.

Notice: All credit card payments are subject to 3% processing fee.

Return Shipping Fees

Priority Overnight$351-3 Passports
Priority Overnight$554+ Passports
Saturday Delivery$75+ depending on destination zip1-3 Passports

Fee summary: You will be making 3 payments to 1. a federally authorized witnessing facility, 2. the state department, and 3. our company. The passport fee must be paid by 2 checks or money orders. The fee for our service covers the hand carrying and submitting your passport documents to the passport agency.

  1. Check or money order for $35 made payable to “Postmaster” OR “Clerk of the county court.”
  2. Check or money order for $170 or ($140 if under 16) made payable to “U.S. Department of State.”
  3. Calculate: Consular Fee + A1 Service Fee + Shipping = Total Due

Step 3: Passport Acceptance Facility

In order to apply for an expedited U.S. passport you must first have your signature witnessed by an acceptable authority. Normally this is done by certain post offices and county clerks.Find the Closest Passport Acceptance Facility

Before going be sure to have the following documents on this Checklist:

  1. Application form (DS-11) fully completed but left unsigned
  2. Proof of citizenship
  3. Proof of identity
  4. One recent passport photo
  5. 3 signed and dated Letters of Authorization with the first two boxes checked and “A1 Passport & Visa Express” written in the “courier company name” field.
  6. Letter of Explanation signed and addressed to the Washington Passport Agency
  7. Copy of Travel Itinerary/Reservations
  8. Payment in check or money order for the passport and payment for the post office. (Do not bring the A1 service fee or return shipping fee to the post office.)

IMPORTANT: Make copies of your Application

Bring all above original materials to a Passport Acceptance Facility and notify the agent you are using an expediting service to “hand carry” your application.

The acceptance agent will take about ten minutes to go through the following steps:

  1. To verify your identity, the agent will request your proof of identity.
  2. The agent will ask you to sign the DS-11, and then will witness your signature and seal ALL documents in an envelope for hand-carrying.
  3. To verify that you need an expedited passport, you must provide evidence of your departure date.
  4. The agent will then seal the DS-11, damaged passport, photos, proof of citizenship, letter of authorization, proof of travel and the check in an envelope marked “To be opened by U.S. Passport Office Only” and return it to you.

Important: Make sure the agent returns the sealed envelope to you. If the agent does not feel at ease about releasing the envelope, suggest that he/she refer to page 31 or 44 of their Passport Agent’s Manual, “Hand-carrying of Executed Applications.”

IMPORTANT Do not open this sealed envelope or the application will be invalidated.

Please write the following on the outside of the sealed envelope:

  1. Applicant’s Name
  2. Date of Birth
  3. Departure Date

IMPORTANT: DO NOT SEAL THE A1 ORDER FORM or payment for OUR services (A1 Passport & Visa Express) inside the sealed envelope, they should be paper clipped outside of your sealed envelope along with the rest of the copies made earlier.

Step 4: Shipping

Put the following documents into a FedEx Envelope
  1. Sealed government envelope
  2. Copy of the completed and signed Passport Application (DS-11)
  3. Two completed and signed Letters of Authorization original signature only – Not photo copy.
  4. One (two-page) order form for A1 Passport
  5. Copy of Travel Itinerary/Reservations
  6. The service fee for A1, and the return shipping fee .

We recommend that you use FedEx as a safe means of overnight shipping. We will return your passport to you the same way.

Ship To:
A1 Passport & Visa Express
1012 14th St NW, #630
Washington, DC. 20005
(202) 639 1500

Click here to find FedEx locations

Important Notice: In case of an emergency, when your passport must be processed in 24-48 hours, you must call our office for special instructions. Your FedEx package should be marked “FIRST AM DELIVERY.” You must clearly indicate “DELIVER AFTER 7AM, PLEASE SLIDE UNDER THE DOOR.” Our building opens automatically at 7am; the FedEx driver will not be able to enter the building before that time.

Important Notice: A1 Passport & Visa Express is a non-government service company that acts only as an agent and cannot accepts responsibility for any services provided by the Washington Passport Agency or in connection to issuance of a passports, delays, and loss of passport or other material including delivery of passport by USPS or other shipping services. Damage compensation is not available from A1 Passport and Visa Express or the passport agency.