Stay current about Iraq travel at the U.S. Department of State and determine your eligibility for this visa.

Step 1: Collect Documents

Visitor Visa



Proof of Travel

    • Copy of travel itinerary


A1 Order Form

Business Visa



Proof of Travel

    • Copy of travel itinerary


A1 Order Form

Company Letter

  • A company letter of intent and financial responsibility (Sample) typed on the company’s stationery stating the following information:
    • Introducing the applicant, stating the applicant’s position with the company.
    • Purpose of trip and a brief description of type of duties to be performed
    • Name of company/contacts
    • Financial responsibility for the applicant including return airfare.
  • Please address your letter to:
    • The Visa Section of the Embassy of Iraq, Washington, DC.
    • Visa Authorization

      Your inviting company must contact the Iraq Dept. of Foreign Ministry in order to secure an approval for your visa.The approval information must be sent by the ministry directly to the consulate of Iraq in Washington DC. The visa processing is usually completed within a few days from the receipt of approval.

      Government Contract

    • In case that your visa has been approved by the government of Iraq, a copy of your contract must be presented to the embassy of Iraq as a part of your document.

Please note that your application will be hand carried to the embassy; however the visa is usually issued upon receipt of the approval notice from Iraq. The estimated time cannot be determined for this visa processing.

Step 2: Fees

A-1 Service Fee:

$95.00 per visa

Consular Fee:

$50.00 per visa Single
$150.00 per visa Multiple

Note: A $5 money order fee will be added to the above visa fees.


Return Shipping Fees

Priority Overnight$351-3 Passports
Priority Overnight$554+ Passports
Saturday Delivery$75+ depending on destination zip1-3 Passports

Please note that the above rates apply to most Continental USA. Higher rate applies to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and US Virgin Islands.

Calculate: Consular Fee + A1 Service Fee + Shipping = Total Due

Step 3: Shipping

Please forward the completed requirements detailed above to:

A-1 Passport & Visa Express,
1012 14th St NW, #630
Washington D.C. 20005

Your documents will be hand carried to the embassy/consulate and will be processed upon receipt of approval