Step 1: Collect Documents

Tourist/Business or Transit by Land



Proof of Travel

    • Proof of Departure: please send a copy of your round trip itinerary with the applicant’s name, date of arrival and departure and flight information.

Invitation Letter

    • Invitation from individual or company to be visited in Turkmenistan, endorsed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If the applicant is visiting a relative or friend they must submit a letter of invitation certified by the State Foreign Citizens Registration Service of Turkmenistan. The invitation is valid only for 3 months from the date of confirmation. If the applicant is going as a tourist and will not be meeting anybody in Turkmenistan they must contact the Ministry of Tourism (tel: 99312-35-47-77 fax: 99312-39-67-40) which will help in preparing the visit and will supply the letter, certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
    • Completed Order Form (please print)


Additional Requirements

  • 1 Photocopy of your passport

Step 2: Fees

A-1 Service Fee:

$65.00 per visa (7-10 Business Days)
$110.00 per visa (2-3 Days)

Consular Fee:

TypeEntryPricePeriod of StayProcessing Time
Regular Single$35.0010 Days7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$45.0020 Days7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$55.001 Month7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$85.002 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$115.003 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$145.004 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$175.005 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$205.006 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$235.007 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$265.008 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$295.009 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$325.0010 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$355.0011 Months7-10 Business Days
Regular Single$385.0012 Months7-10 Business Days
RushSingle$55.0010 Days2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$75.0020 Days2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$95.001 Month2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$155.002 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$215.003 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$275.004 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$335.005 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$395.006 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$455.007 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$515.008 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$575.009 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$635.0010 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$695.0011 Months2-3 Business Days
RushSingle$755.0012 Months2-3 Business Days
RegularMultiple$75.001 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$115.002 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$155.003 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$195.004 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$235.005 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$275.006 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$315.007 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$355.008 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$395.009 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$435.0010 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$475.0011 Months7-10 Business Days
RegularMultiple$515.0012 Months7-10 Business Days
RushMultiple$135.001 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$215.002 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$295.003 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$375.004 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$455.005 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$535.006 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$615.007 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$695.008 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$775.009 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$855.0010 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$935.0011 Months2-3 Business Days
RushMultiple$1015.0012 Months2-3 Business Days

Return Shipping Fees

Priority Overnight$351-3 Passports
Priority Overnight$554+ Passports
Saturday Delivery$75+ depending on destination zip1-3 Passports

Please note that the above rates apply to most Continental USA. Higher rate applies to Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii and US Virgin Islands.

Calculate: Consular Fee + A1 Service Fee + Shipping = Total Due

Step 3: Shipping

Please forward the completed requirements detailed above to:

A-1 Passport & Visa Express,
1012 14th St NW, #630
Washington D.C. 20005

Your application will be hand carried to the Consulate/Embassy, and is processed in 10 business days. Expedited visas are processed in 3 business days.