Step 1: Collect Documents


Tourist Visa



Proof of Travel

    • Please provide a copy of your round trip ticket or e-ticket, itinerary, of letter from a travel agency that confirms your entry and exit from Paraguay. The document needs to show the applicants name, date of arrival and departure, and whether they are going by flight or cruise.
    • Note: US passport holders can obtain a visa on arrival for stay up to 90 days only at Silvio Pettirossi airport in Asuncion. This information is subject to change, please verify with your airline prior to your trip


    • One US type passport photo
    • A1 Order Form

Business Visa




    • 1 US passport type photo

A1 Order Form

Company Letter / Invitation Letter

    • A Business Letter AND a letter of invitation from China (Sample)
    • The business letter must be typed on the company’s stationery stating the following:
      • Addressed to “Embassy of Paraguay, Visa Section, Washington D.C.”
      • The applicant’s job title
      • Length of employment
      • A brief description of job duties
      • The type of business expected to perform in China
      • Purpose and date of travel and duration of stay.
      • Financial responsibility for the applicant as well as return transportation to U.S. (if that applies)
      • This letter must be signed by a superior within your company other than the applicant



Step 2: Fees

A-1 Service Fee:

$95.00 per visa

Consular Fee:

$192.00 per Tourist or Business Visa  – Multiple Entries valid for 10 years

A fee of $5 money order/check writing fee will be added to the above consular visa fee.


Step 3: Shipping