Get out of a Jam with Quick Passport Issuance Services

passportIt’s four o’clock on Friday afternoon. Your boss tells you she needs you to visit the satellite office in Montreal next Wednesday. Suddenly, it occurs to you that your passport expired on the first of the month. Naturally, you panic. Last time you applied for a passport it took two trips to the post office and four weeks of anxious waiting before the passport finally arrived in your mailbox. Surely this time will be just as taxing and tedious.
But then, just as you are about to dive head first into the throes of a full blown panic attack, a savvy coworker (let’s call him Ben) steps in and tells you about the quick passport issuance services offered by A1 Passport and Visa Express. Last year, Ben’s mother broke her leg on a trip to Europe and he had to high tail it out to Spain to visit her in the hospital. Our quick passport issuance services got Ben a passport within 48 hours of his first visit to our offices.
So how does it work? Our representatives will do all the leg work for you, personally delivering your identifying documents to the passport office, and cutting out weeks of waiting on snail mail. All you have to do is compile the relevant materials and submit them to us for processing. A complete list of documents needed for a passport application can be found on our web page under the “Passport Services” Tab. We offer a number of package options to suit your timetable and budget.
It’s a big world out there, and without your passport you won’t be seeing much of it. Don’t wait for an emergency. Quick passport issuance makes the application process easier than it’s ever been. Call us today or visit or offices located in downtown Washington, D.C. to find out more about how to expedite your passport application.
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