Month: September 2014

The World Can be Dangerous to American Travelers

There is always some element of risk when you travel away from home. You face the possibility losing your car keys while on vacation. Or your house could get broken into. But if you travel overseas there is even more risk involved.   Foreign countries are often not always safe, especially for Americans. In a… Read more »

Incredible International Travel Doesn’t Have to Take to Skies

Linking essentially all of the nations on the mainland of the Americas, the Pan-American Highway has been connecting countries for decades. This roadway is 30,000 miles in length, breaking only once for a rainforest in Panama. From Texas to Argentina this highway began to take shape in 1889 – as just an idea. The original… Read more »

Spend on Travel, Become Richer

The advantages to international travel are far and wide. A well-traveled person has a better perspective on the world around them, having experienced more of it than their non-traveled peers. Being a bigger part of the world brings people of different countries together and erases borders. Principally, the more traveled a person is the better… Read more »