The World Can be Dangerous to American Travelers

There is always some element of risk when you travel away from home. You face the possibility losing your car keys while on vacation. Or your house could get broken into. But if you travel overseas there is even more risk involved.


Foreign countries are often not always safe, especially for Americans. In a time when some economies and environments overseas are volatile, traveling safe is of the utmost importance.Being well prepared before before embarking on your journey is the best you can do. Make two copies of important documents like your passport, medical insurance information and travel itinerary. Take the real set and one set of copies with you, keeping them separate and in different locations at all times. Give one set to a family member or friends that is staying in the US.


Here in America we love our red, white and blue apparel. However, overseas that type of clothing can make you the target of theft. Looking like a tourist tells thieves that you are unfamiliar with the area and language and are probably carrying a decent amount of cash or credit cards.Start and end your days early to avoid potentially threatening situations. Keep in mind that a lot more crime happens after midnight than during the afternoon. The later you intend to stay out in a foreign country, the more careful you must be and make it a point to never travel at night alone.


Last, but certainly not least, exercise extra caution than you normally would. Don’t leave valuables out in your hotel room, don’t wear expensive, flashy jewelry while touring and never open your hotel room door for strangers. Becoming too comfortable and not paying attention to situations can risk your safety no matter where you are overseas.