Why you should have a passport

Having a passport in the U.S. is considered to be one of the most valuable legal documents a person can attain. The U.S. Department of state can issue a passport to a citizen of the U.S. and having one entitles you to many benefits as well.



First and foremost, getting a passport offers you the benefit of having a second form of valid photo identification. We all get our first valid photo identification when we receive our state licenses, but a passport gives us another form that works throughout the entire globe. Now, when traveling, you will have proper proof of U.S. citizenship, your name and age.

Not only will it provide your information, but it will also manage all of your concerns while traveling. A passport will enable you to travel anywhere around the United States, and it will also give you admittance to re-enter the country if you so choose to travel outside of it. And, even though some outside countries require other forms of identification such as a birth certificate, license or other documentation, a passport will take care of all of those.

Some countries will require a person traveling to them to present a visa, however some might also allow people to travel through the visa waiver program, which does not require one. This program is generally an agreement between the United States and other countries based on certain types of security standards. In doing so, more than 100 countries actually allow U.S. citizens to travel without a visa, but the U.S. only allows 36 countries to travel here without a visa.

Furthermore, some countries will allow you to stay for very long periods of time without a visa, however most will let you stay anywhere from 30 days to 6 months. So, if you’re looking for a second form of valid photo i.d. along with the added benefits of traveling hassle free, go out and get yourself a passport.