Month: February 2015

The Must-Visit European Cities

Everyone who brands themselves a traveler must make a pilgrimage to Europe. It is one continent steeped in history and subsequent culture. Barely larger in square mileage than the United States, Europe is incredibly accessible. But packed into this tiny continent are hundreds of different cultures to experience and revere, all without having to flash… Read more »

Expidited Passport Service Advantages

Aside from the obvious, there are plenty of advantages to expedited passport services. Of course if you are pressed to get your passport, you want to contact a passport agency specialized in expedited issuing. But there are numerous other headache-alleviating benefits to using a bureau.     Just like any organization promising agency services, passport… Read more »

Keeping Your Passport Safe

Your passport is the single most important document you have while traveling abroad. It proves who you are, where you’re from and allows you to return. There are some rules of thumb when it comes to your passport and what to do with it before, after and during your travels.     It’s important to… Read more »