The Must-Visit European Cities

EuroTravelEveryone who brands themselves a traveler must make a pilgrimage to Europe. It is one continent steeped in history and subsequent culture. Barely larger in square mileage than the United States, Europe is incredibly accessible. But packed into this tiny continent are hundreds of different cultures to experience and revere, all without having to flash your passport and every border crossing.

Moving East across the continent, landing in Barcelona, Spain is a great start to any European getaway. With an undeniable energetic atmosphere on the Mediterranean Sea, Barcelona has something for everyone all times of day. Hang on the beach, check out some local street markets, stop by the unfinished church of La Sagrada Familia and party until the sun rises in this 7,000 year old city.

In addition to the hotbed of history-making events occurring throughout 20th century Berlin, this city is one with quite the extensive and cultured past. With an equally as extensive roster of museums, art galleries and historic neighborhoods to visit, Berlin also has among the liveliest nightlives in the Western Hemisphere. But once your done taking in all the luxuries this German jewel has to offer, head North.

Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, is home to the friendliest people on Earth and is arguably one of the best cities to take in the atmosphere at a cozy café. Taking the trip a little further North to find yourself in Oslo, Norway against a backdrop of forested hills, ensures not only optimal natural beauty but also such unique museums as the Viking Ship Museum and the Nobel Peace Centre. Continuing your trek westward to the cobbled streets of Stockholm, Sweden offers no less of an extraordinary experience.

Budapest, Hungary is another stop for those seeking cultural enrichment. Full of some of the world’s oldest standing architecture, Budapest is an appreciator’s dream. After a day of sightseeing some of the most amazing architecture most could ever imagine, take in a performance at the Budapest Opera House or relax in the world renowned bathhouses.