Travel visas are necessary for international travel

A travel visa is a document in the form of a stamp or sticker used by officials of a foreign country that allows the bearer to visit a particular country.  Visas can be obtained from the proper embassy or consulates of the country to be visited.  It’s important to note that a “visit” is known as the specific reason for entry into the country, usually for tourism or business, and in some cases, for transitory reasons. More than 275 countries offer travel visas and there are thousands of types of visas available based on location, visit purposes and length of visit.


Knowing when a visa is necessary for travel and what the requirements are for each country can be tricky. It’s important to inquire about these matters with the embassy or consulate prior to traveling to avoid issues down the road. A-1 Passport & Visa Express can offer helpful tips for travelers, as well as helping travelers secure the right paperwork and documents such as passports and visas when applicable. Feel free to inquire with A-1 previous to a trip to discuss visas and other important traveling documents.


It can take some time to get approved for a travel visa.  So, it is in the traveler’s best interest to contact A-1 Passport & Visa Express as soon as possible to get the process rolling, so to speak. The act of mailing materials and applications to the consulate, as well as processing and the return of your passport can take several weeks. It’s best to be ahead of the curve when dealing with international travel papers and documents.


In order to secure a visa, the applicant will need, at the least, a valid passport. When issued, the visa will be stamped in the passport indicating when it was issued and when it will expire. Some countries require a valid passport for at least six months before a visa is issued.


Still, additional documents may be needed depending on the country visiting and the country in which the applicant resides. Working with an A-1 Passport & Visa Express agent can help expedite the paperwork process, as well as handle questions pertaining to international travel. Speak with a representative today to learn more about how to obtain a visa for travel.


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