What Documents You Need to Drive Abroad


One of the many things that people who travel outside of their nation must worry about is what they will do for transportation in the country they are visiting.  For most people, especially people who are staying for a prolonged visit, having a car that can take them from point a to point b is for the most part, essential.  Being able to drive wherever you need to go, whenever you want to leave is a liberating feeling, and ensures you’ll be on time to your next destination.  Moreover, you won’t be dependent on public transportation, you can visit nearby sites and you won’t be forced to a pay a small fortune for a taxi service.


However, what some travelers fail to realize is that your driver’s license may not be valid in the country that you are entering.  What’s more, it is illegal to drive in most countries without the necessary documents, such as a valid license and proper insurance.


Fortunately, there is a way for travelers to take care of this situation beforehand.  Travelers can simply obtain an international driver’s license, usually from businesses that distribute passports, visas and other traveling documents.  An international driver’s permit is legally recognized in over 150 counties.  However, be sure to bring your domestic driver’s license on the trip with you, and perhaps most importantly, call ahead to the country’s embassy to ensure you international driver’s permit will be valid.  Courtesy of the United States Bureau of Consular Affairs, here is a link that can provide you with travel information for specific countries across the globe.

An international driver’s permit will have your personal photo on it, and will be valid for one year.  Not only is it a useful document to have if you want to rent or drive a vehicle abroad, it can also be useful if or when you need to show an extra form of identification.  Since it is an accredited identification form, it can help you get through customs a bit quicker.


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Source Used: http://travel.state.gov/travel/tips/safety/safety_1179.html