Hot Spots for Tourism in 2015

ThailandWith 2015 comes a whole year of opportunity for international travel. With recent economic improvement and more affordable flights than ever, there has never been a better time to travel somewhere new. 2014 brought millions of travel enthusiasts to Europe, but there are more specific locations throughout the globe that have become this year’s most popular destinations.

Have you considered Morocco? This tropical paradise has a newly updated airport that is just begging for visitors. The scenery and weather make this a great getaway during the winter months. It can be considered a vacation and an adventure all in one. There are luxury hotels and top restaurants as well as gardens and beaches to explore. This destination caters to the traveler who likes nature during the day and upscale experiences at night.

A 72-hour no-visa policy makes Chengdu, China another place you have to visit in 2015. Spend a night or two in this architecturally impressive city that boasts the world’s largest building and a host of newly opened hotels. Other than being extremely easy to visit, Chengdu also has over one thousand pandas that live throughout the region, which can be seen at one of three research facilities.

Due to the current talks between President Obama and Cuba, this destination is more popular than it’s been in decades. With lighter travel restrictions, this cultural epicenter has a fusion of culture and cuisine offer an experience unique to this once ostracized island. Bright buildings line the streets that visitors can walk down and take part in activities like listening to a jazz band or touring a cigar factory.

This year Singapore is celebrating 50 years of independence. Could there be a better year to visit? Upon arrival you are sure to be impressed by the clean sidewalks and notable street food. The bar business is booming here as well with speakeasies and nightclubs on every block, just waiting for visitors to stop in and enjoy hand-made cocktails native to the region.

As you sit down to plan your 2015 traveling, be sure to consider one or all of these destinations. Depending on what you want from a location, one of these is sure to be a good fit, and in your price range. No matter where you choose to go however, you will get to experience new cutler, new cuisines and new sights that you have never seen before.