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Are Americans Visa Exempt in Vietnam?

The United States is not on the list of 17 countries visa-exempt when citizens visit Vietnam and must therefore get there visa from an agency. Getting a visa does not have to be drawn-out and painstaking if a traveler contacts an experienced issuing agency. They must, however, meet the requisite criteria for eligibility to visit… Read more »

Keeping Your Passport Safe

Your passport is the single most important document you have while traveling abroad. It proves who you are, where you’re from and allows you to return. There are some rules of thumb when it comes to your passport and what to do with it before, after and during your travels.     It’s important to… Read more »

Hot Spots for Tourism in 2015

With 2015 comes a whole year of opportunity for international travel. With recent economic improvement and more affordable flights than ever, there has never been a better time to travel somewhere new. 2014 brought millions of travel enthusiasts to Europe, but there are more specific locations throughout the globe that have become this year’s most… Read more »

World Airline Awards Show Top Ways to Travel

For the second year in a row, customer satisfaction within the airline industry has actually increased. After years of poor customer service, aging aircraft and diminishing flyer benefits, flying is falling back in favor of travelers. Effort across the board from international airlines, business has gone up and so has flyer loyalty. The World Airline… Read more »

Incredible International Travel Doesn’t Have to Take to Skies

Linking essentially all of the nations on the mainland of the Americas, the Pan-American Highway has been connecting countries for decades. This roadway is 30,000 miles in length, breaking only once for a rainforest in Panama. From Texas to Argentina this highway began to take shape in 1889 – as just an idea. The original… Read more »

Spend on Travel, Become Richer

The advantages to international travel are far and wide. A well-traveled person has a better perspective on the world around them, having experienced more of it than their non-traveled peers. Being a bigger part of the world brings people of different countries together and erases borders. Principally, the more traveled a person is the better… Read more »