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World Airline Awards Show Top Ways to Travel

For the second year in a row, customer satisfaction within the airline industry has actually increased. After years of poor customer service, aging aircraft and diminishing flyer benefits, flying is falling back in favor of travelers. Effort across the board from international airlines, business has gone up and so has flyer loyalty. The World Airline… Read more »

The World Can be Dangerous to American Travelers

There is always some element of risk when you travel away from home. You face the possibility losing your car keys while on vacation. Or your house could get broken into. But if you travel overseas there is even more risk involved.   Foreign countries are often not always safe, especially for Americans. In a… Read more »

Incredible International Travel Doesn’t Have to Take to Skies

Linking essentially all of the nations on the mainland of the Americas, the Pan-American Highway has been connecting countries for decades. This roadway is 30,000 miles in length, breaking only once for a rainforest in Panama. From Texas to Argentina this highway began to take shape in 1889 – as just an idea. The original… Read more »

Spend on Travel, Become Richer

The advantages to international travel are far and wide. A well-traveled person has a better perspective on the world around them, having experienced more of it than their non-traveled peers. Being a bigger part of the world brings people of different countries together and erases borders. Principally, the more traveled a person is the better… Read more »

The Advantages of being a World Traveler

There are many amazing sights to see around the world, making it nearly essential to have a passport.  No matter where you are from, you will be hard pressed to experience all that the world has to offer without traveling to different countries. When it comes to traveling, there are many benefits, including the following:… Read more »


  Avoid long delays in getting your U.S. Passport issued by following this detailed, step-by-step process for how to correctly expedite the application if you are an adult U.S. citizen.   Obtain a DS-11 application form, which can be found online at Fill out this form, click the “Create Form” button, and then print… Read more »

Two Passport Protection Products You Can’t Afford to Travel Without

Two Passport Protection Products You Can’t Afford to Travel Without   A passport is your ticket around the world. Your passport is the most important asset when traveling and while you’re spending time in a foreign country, you need to prepare yourself for the unexpected like pickpockets. Trust us when we tell you, thieves always go for a… Read more »

What to Do if Your Passport is Lost or Stolen

It can be a gut wrenching feeling when you discover that your passport is missing. It can be even worse if it happens while you are outside of your own country. However, there are steps you can take to rectify the situation and make your international traveling experience as smooth as possible.   The U.S…. Read more »

4 Reasons to Get a Passport

  Have you ever contemplated purchasing a passport, but chose not to because you were unsure of how often you would use it?  If so, here are 4 reasons that may sway you to take the time to get a passport. 1)      The ability to take a trip to a random country.  Like most people, … Read more »